Technology Convergence is All around All of us

 Technology Convergence is All around Us Article



TASK one particular: Technology Concurrence

Design simple: DUE about July 24, 2013

Years ago, various scholars and analysts argue that someday persons won't want separate media to receive info. The text messages delivered to earlier generations through newspapers, mags, books, a radio station, television, and film can come to long term generations by using a single delivery system – and it will be digital. Years after, convergence is now everywhere.

The pc has made this kind of convergence technically possible. Huge computers are more comfortable with gather, digitize, store, package deal and transmit information. Small, yet still effective personal computers are used as receivers to bring words and phrases, sounds and sights for the audience. Determined by this expansion, you happen to be asked to research information regarding Technology convergence; you will be provided with situations and questions to ponder and need to collect where you have taken the info to avoid stealing subjects.

Planning: 2 periods to complete: Deadline: July eleven, 2013

1 ) Use the TIMEPLAN and TRADEMARK WORK sheet to create your time and energy plan 2 . in your Daily Journal Linen, always log/write what you have got completed every single meeting and check your register and let your teacher sign before you leave the class. several. Create an intro about your task that composed of 2 paragraphs. 4. In your Drive Z .. create folder TASK you: Technology Affluence


A. The following subject areas are to be researched. There are lots of info available in the web. Read and ensure to rephrase the sentences to avoid Stealing subjects. List of Assets can be included at the bottom of the information or can be collected in one site with the key phrase you've applied.

The information under will be in maximum of 10 pages and minimum of 5 pages.

1 ) What is technology convergence -- due in July 16, 2013

How much does it suggest for the film industry

Media concurrence and how it includes impacted the lives of individual. Exactly what does proliferation of hardware imply and what pressures take institutions just like movie industry or music industry because proliferation; in production in addition to distribution. -- How does it change your ability to watch motion pictures or information? - How many ways can you use Digital technology to download a film or TELEVISION SET program on your mobile phone, laptop, I- Protect or PC;

2 . The amazing evolution of the net – due on July 17, 2013 Web Protection and Personal privacy

Social bookmarking and the way to get started.

Illustrate and find the Impact of Interpersonal news

Precisely what is Social media as well as impact.

Specify what is a Online community site and its particular impact to the user and research the five the majority of popular Online communities today. Online shopping and its particular Impact.

Citizen Journalism as well as its impact.

a few. Digital divide- Due in July 18, 2013

Data Rich vs . Information poor provide model if necessary What impact features digital technology got on the production of the organization you have examined? (on its Production – distribution and marketing – employees – positive and negative of technology convergence? 4. What are the legal and moral issues develops on this concern of technology convergence. Thanks on this summer 19, 2013 5. Glossary - Due on September 18, 2013

From the information you have collected about the topic, add important keywords for the below list. Make a table consisting of Keyword and Definition.

Infotainment -




Social Responsibility Theory



M. Choose and read one Case study Situation below. And answer the questions to ponder. CASE STUDY 1:


Viacom Inc., with 2002 earnings of 20 dollars billion, is among the largest entertainment providers in the world. Its products happen to be readily familiar and include this sort of properties while the CBS television network; the UPN television network; the MTV, Nickelodeon, VH1, Comedy Central cable stations; Showtime plus the Movie...

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