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Topic: Cancer�


Attention Getter:  More than 0.5 million people are expected to expire of cancer this year. That's more than 1, 500 each day. An average of 0.5 of males and one-half of women will develop cancer. Goal: To inform my personal audience regarding cancer.

Importance to Target audience:  Cancer could affect anyone, so that you can gain some thing from this talk by being educated about cancers, and how to prevent it Thesis Statement:  Cancer is a severe disease that can be preventable and curable. Preview:  I is going to discuss what cancer is usually, ways to stop cancer expansion, and the several types of treatment pertaining to cancer. (Transition: To start off, Let me explain what cancer is usually. )


We. First Key Point: Cancers is a condition of uncontrolled regarding abnormal skin cells. A. Subpoint: Normal cells usually grow and divide to replace old or dead cells. W. Subpoint: Cancer cells always grow and divide. 1 ) Cancer cellular material accumulate in a single place.

2 . The built up cells form tumors.

3. Tumors eliminate body cells.

C. Subpoint: two types of tumors

1 ) Malignant

2 . Benign

D. Subpoint: Cancers happen to be classified based on the body portion in which that originates. ` Example: When there is cancer development in your prostatic and that spreads to a new pact of your body, it will be classified as prostate cancers. Although the cancers has spread to a different part of your system, it just counts where cancer began. (Transition: Following, I will speak about ways to stop cancers via forming. ) II. Second Main Stage: A person can have different procedures to lower his or her chances of growing cancer. A. Subpoint: Life styles can affect the likelihood of future cancers development. 1 ) Smoking/Drinking (1/3)

2 . Always be active and keep healthy weight.

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