how korea better

 how thailand better Essay


Steps to make the Thailand better?

A term paper

Presented to

The faculty of the included basic education department

Level 2

E?ia College Quezon City


In Partial Fulfilment

With the Requirements intended for the Secondary Course


By Marie Patricia Ocampo and Ranjit Galman

Feb 26, 2014




Acknowledgements iv Part

1 History of the research 1 2 Survey of Related Materials 4 Description of Korea 4 History of the Israel 5 Significant problems of the Philippines

Reasons of the challenges of the Israel

Effects of the down sides in the Economy from the Philippines

Effects of the problems consist of sectors from the Philippines

Inconveniences on the improvement of the Korea

Ways to enhance the state in the Philippines

Influential people that may help in the improvement of the Korea Advantages and Disadvantages of having better Korea



First of all, I would really like to thank our British Teacher Miss Mirasol Lastimoza for with patience teaching all of us how to carry out these things as well as for supporting all of us as we makes term newspaper. Also, thanks to the College student Teachers whom guided us through the complete process of making this Research Daily news. To Paula Ambros who have taught me personally how to do the APA inputting rules. I might also like to thank mother and father because they will allowed all of us to use the computer at your home and they allowed us to work each of our research conventional paper at home. Thank you for superb taste espresso for keeping all of us awake to end our task. Thank you to my sister who allowed me to print 40 and more web pages using her printer. To God that is watching and guiding all of us in making the Research conventional paper thank you very much. I would also like to show my greatest gratitude to any or all those people who recognized and helped us, because of you this kind of research paper is a accomplishment, thank you for thinking that we will go through successfully.

Chapter 1


A. Rationale

The experts chose this topic since they want to let their countrymen know the conditions that their nation is facing. The Filipino people have to know what they can do to resolve the issues within their country. Therefore, the people inside their country may help in the improvement of the Thailand. They want to notify the readers to work hand in hand to make america a better destination to live in. Furthermore, this matter will contact the cardiovascular system of every Philippine because every single discussion about the Korea involves all of them, it is normal for the Filipinos to become makabayan. As well, this matter is a wide-ranging topic and a must understand topic, every single living Filipino must know these items so that they can assist in the enhancement of the Israel.

N. Statement of the Problem.

The researchers wish answer to the next questions: 1 ) Who would be the powerful people in the Thailand that can effect in the improvement of it? one particular


2 . How long can it take to start to see the improvement from the Philippines whenever we work hand in hand? 3. What makes there a lot of problems in the Korea?

4. In what ways do we help in the advance of the Philippines? 5. Exactly what the major challenges in the Philippines?

6. What are the inconveniences in the improvement of the Korea? 7. What is causing the problems inside the...

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