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п»їHealth Survey

Complete all health and fitness position questions. Ask for assistance from your mother and father or guardians if necessary. В

Information that is personal

Height _5. 1_______

Weight _175_______

Wellness Status

1 ) Yes_____ Simply no ____ Do you possess any medical situation that could limit the participation in just about any physical activity? ZERO *If certainly, please create a detailed reason of the medical issue and the specific actions you cannot take part in. В

installment payments on your Rate your existing medical condition:

__yes___ Excellent _____Good _____Fair _____Poor В *If you selected Fair or Poor and you might not have a condition that may be explained in item #1, explain for what reason you have ranked yourself this way. В

three or more. Describe two or more physical activities you participate in away from a school establishing. They could be within your city, community, neighborhood or perhaps family. Include how often you participate, for instance a daily or weekly basis. Every several days a week I play soccer with my family and friend intended for 2 or 1 hour.

4. Explain how your friends efficiently and adversely influence the decisions to be physically active and to make healthy selections. They have favorably influenced my own decisions to get physically active to make healthy selections. В

your five. What aspects of your health and body do you want to improve?

_yes____ Flexibility

__yes___ Cardiovascular stamina

_yes____ Upper body strength

_yes____ Lower human body strength

_yes___ Body make up

_yes____ Maximize weight

_yes____ Decrease weight

__yes___ Lower percentage of body fat

__yes___ Increase physical activity level

six. Go to the study course Announcement page. List three things from your Announcement webpage content you will use to help you succeed in your own Fitness training course OR three things that you would like to see on your own course Announcement page which can be beneficial to you. A. carrying out hard physical exercise to lose weight.

M. I will accomplishment in personal fitness simply by...

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