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Case study 1

Xiaolin Tian

MIS in Your Pocket

Q1: The applications are explained in this case will be e-mail, work schedule and contacts from Microsoft-exchange ActiveSync. Furthermore, there are some new software applications like hospital's MEDITECH electronic medical records system, Epocrates Essentials, ChainLinq Mobile and i phone app. The company function of these kinds of applications is to produce employees control their function easily, and help them to resolve complex issues. The e-mail application will keep the doctors and other workers or sufferers in contact with the other person at anytime. MEDITECH helps doctors to keep and search the information of medical records or any other effects at anytime or anywhere. Epocrates Essentials application helps doctors to explain the lab results, and conclude several medical info. ChainLinq Cellular application can easily track the shipment information. Therefore , all these applications assist in improving operational performance and making decisions. They support decision making more quickly and more appropriate, and it is convenient for the corporation to do several operations quickly. Companies can help you time and money through using these types of applications.

Q2: The portable digital devices help companies solve organization problems like doctors usage of iPhone to get e-mails and be named anytime no matter where they are. Doylestown Hospital uses these kinds of equipment to manage the knowledge of a large number of patients, that help doctors to analysis medical results, and information for his or her patients who also are easier to manage by using mobile phone digital equipment. If several emergency circumstances happened, the hospital can speak to the doctors quickly. G. W. Morgan uses ChainLinq Mobile to update the information of shipping and observe the positions of delivery which helps the company control their functions easily and efficiently; and some problems took place in shipping procedure, the company could also track the box and correct the problems quickly. TCHO uses...

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