Bible Paragraphs and Business

 Bible Paragraphs and Organization Essay

1 Corinthians 15: 58�

Therefore , my own dear littermates, stand firm. Let nothing push you. Constantly give her fully towards the work in the Lord, mainly because you know that the labor inside the Lord is not in vain.

The guidelines of Henri Fayol

1 ) DIVISION OF LABOR. This principle calls for the specialization of work. He thought that each worker can master his work, they can produce even more because the work is routinary.

2 . SELF-CONTROL. As a way of organizing the task flow, the firm must set the guidelines, obligations and also penalties.

3. ONENESS OF ORDER. This rule follows holy bible saying " You cannot provide two masters”. In any firm, a worker must simply receive a single command from superior. This will avoid turmoil of guidelines hat could lead to misinterpretations.

4. ONENESS OF DIRECTION. Just like a sailboat, a firm should have a set of directions. All the people in the corporation must have in mind only one direction in mind.

5. CORRELATION OF SPECIFIC INTEREST TO GET THE COMMON GOOD. The employees improve the company. Therefore, it is the company which they will need to serve rather than themselves. In any situation, the employees must always consider what we should w good for the business and not to get himself.

The principle of HENRI FAYOL explains on how to associated with work of the employees more productive and even more useful. These kinds of principles happen to be related to the passage in the bible in a way that it gives all of us lesson that in order for all of us to succeed we should be united and should be strong no matter what kind of situation we are in. We ought to do exactly what we are able of in order that we can achieve and reach our supreme dream and ambition in our business. We need to try in being usually cooperative together so that eventually of our quest, all our works will not be in vain or perhaps useless.

Proverbs 14: 23�

All hard work brings money, but mere talk leads only to lower income.


STAGE 1: OBJECTIVE-SETTING. First, you need to know the goal of the strategy. Is it to get creditor? Or for prospective investors? The main reason this is important is that the picture of your strategy must be intended for satisfying you.

STAGE a couple of: BUDGETING. The actual objective in the business plan, exactly what are the monetary needs with the project? When there is an growth program, just how much sales can be projected? To get the forecasted sales, what is the cost of raw materials to be purchased, wages being paid, acquisition of fixed resources and other expenditures?

STAGE three or more: SOURCING OF FUNDS. Cost management identifies the total amount necessary to accomplish the business prepare. After knowing the necessary budget required, where can the firm get cash?

STAGE 4: DRAFTING OF THE PLANS. Right here, the ideas are formalized in a formal declaration. In ideal planning, the plans would come from the top administration after which the lower level management makes their own operational plans.

STAGE 5: IMPLEMENTATION. Here ideas are actualized; the individuals accountable for the implementation with the plan must see to it that nobody deviates coming from what is wanted.

As a result passage in the bible, I am able to say that there is really relationship between them because specially in making the organization plan, it requires a lot of steps and hard work before you finish and accomplish this but in in an attempt to make your crafted plans likely, you should also perform everything in order for it to be in the real world of business and not just like in the passage that states that it will only leads to poverty or shall we say wonderful mistake and fall

Isaiah 41: 10

I fear not, for The almighty is with me personally; I am not dismayed; for He can my The almighty. He will strengthen me, certainly, He will help me, He will uphold me together with his righteous right hand.


1) FINANCIAL PROBLEMS. Funds will become probably the most important demands in operating the business....

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